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Who are Pharmacy Technicians?

PTCB 20-Year Anniversary Film

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Posted by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why do you need RxTechExam.com?

Pharmacy is the bridge between an ailment and its cure and that is the reason why there is an ever-increasing demand for expert pharmacy staff. RxTechExam was founded by a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) and Pharmacist from Richmond, Virginia in 2010. After years of painstaking research on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE), we developed an exceptional curriculum that assures maximum success rate for any pharmacy beginner. We at RxTechExam strongly believe that to become a certified pharmacy technician, and to pass the PTCE, it is not necessary to undergo a diploma program. The diploma program endorsed by many popular schools manipulate the applicants with hundreds of hours of study that could take up to two years to complete and cost more than $24,000. The courses offered by RxTechExam are uncomplicated, flexible, affordable and high quality in content.

Our Faculty

RxTechExam’s leadership is governed by highly reputed Certified Pharmacy Technicians with over 25 years of experience in field of Pharmacy. The training team is led by Preston Davis CPhT with more than 14 years of experience as Pharmacy Technician, & five years of experience as a Pharmacy Technician Instructor. Every member of the RxTechExam team are experts in the inner workings of the Pharmacy field and, together, have been employed in every pharmaceutical industry gaining an invaluable knowledge regarding Pharmacy education.

Well Trained Pharmacy Technicians are in Demand!

With growing cases of illnesses and health issues, it has become a routine for an average individual to visit a pharmacy frequently. With the explosion of new medications, the need for pharmacies to have a qualified pharmacy staff is rising. An able pharmacy team consists of professionals who are honest with patients, exhibit proficient knowledge, loyal to their profession and can make decisions skillfully. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) conducts qualifying exams to test the expertise of individuals through a two-hour long exam process, nationwide, at Pearson VUE test centers. The individuals who are successful at the exam will become Certified Pharmacy Technicians. Every year, tens of thousands of Pharmacy students or Pharmacy enthusiasts apply for this exam and test their understanding. As the exam is quite challenging, many are disappointed. Even after disciplined study and dedicated preparation for the exam, many fail to obtain a passing score.

Updated PTCB Exam

At RxTechExam, our experts have researched and investigated the examination process for years and have created a successful education plan with a unique and effective way of learning. We have access to inside information of the board and we regularly track our student’s performance on the exam. Being an PTCB Advocate Educator, we are timely informed with even the smallest changes inside the PTCB and we update our course as necessary. At RxTechExam, the pharmacy student will experience a whole new studying environment which is substantial yet not stressful. Unlike other schools, we offer tutorials to numerous operations through courses that are highly convenient and easy to understand.

For years, people have feared and believed that the Certification exam is one of the toughest qualifying exams and that it is almost impossible to pass for average students. Worry no more! With RxTechExam’s Pharmacy Technician courses, opinions and convictions have changed. We take pride in claiming that there is no one in the industry who understands the Pharmacy Technician Exam better than we do. With our attention to detail and extensive analysis in the exam pattern, we have created courses that furnish exactly what you need.

Using an Online Course to Pass the PTCB Exam

Technology, when incorporated into learning methods, leads to the path of successful learning. Our courses are completely online. Students from anywhere can enroll in the course and study in the comfort of their home. All our courses are developed using interactive online software for you to feel more involved in the subject. To know how it works, you can see a demo of our Community Pharmacy Chapter by clicking here.

There is a belief that all good things come with a price. Not actually! Our courses are specifically fabricated to offer best and sure-to-win learning experience at an affordable price. RxTechExam’s courses are priced at a delightfully low rate - less than $300. We are not as other pharmacy schools whom in disguise of education, rob the students of their money. There are no hidden costs or recurring costs, our process is transparent and you can reach out to us any time for any question. We are always available.

An online software tutorial does not mean you'll be without instructors or trainers if you have questions. We have instructors and trainers at RxTechExam who provide support to students 24/7 via email. Our instructors answer your queries within one day of emailing them. Each student is assigned with an individual instructor, and there is no restriction on the number of emails or inquiries to the instructor. Students can communicate with his/her instructor multiple times while taking the course.

Our testimonials speak for us. With each year passing by, our student base is increasing rapidly. Hundreds of students have benefited from our courses and still are benefiting with promising careers. We believe that your success is our success; therefore, we strive to offer the best pharmacy education for you to succeed in Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

Conquer the PTCE Exam

PTCB Advocate Educator

We're very proud to announce that we are a PTCB Advocate Educator, and are committed to providing the highest quality Pharmacy Technician Education, completely online, that you can trust.

— Preston Davis, CPhT, RxTechExam.com

When education, training, and national certification through PTCB converge, a strong pharmacy technician workforce emerges. The PTCB Advocate Educator Program provides a great opportunity for pharmacy technician training programs to work directly with PTCB to better support students.

— Janet McGregor Liles, MSHS, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician Educator Council PTCB.org

What our students think:

I've done online courses in the past, none of them were anything like this. I feel like I learned so much.

— Nathan Anderson

I would recommend the course to anyone! So far i do feel prepared to take the exam.

— Veronica Minnix

My experience with this course far exceeded my expectations. The course provided many practical insights, emphasizing the responsibility of client/patient safety incumbent with the role of a Pharmacy Technician. The course discusses topics generally but also in great detail when necessary for understanding. I have not hesitated to recommend this course to friends, and will continue to do so. With this course’s help, I was able to pass the PTCE in the 90th Percentile.

— Linda Murray

Before taking this course, I attempted to pass the PTCE on my own. I went to a local bookstore and bought training manual. When I sat for the exam, I failed. I decided to take a course in the hopes I would do better. I looked at local schools but their prices were absurd. A friend recommended this site to me, I checked it out and decided to give it a go. As I took the course I noticed how it addressed a number of the questions the book I had bought before did not. After completing this course, I took the PTCE and passed with flying colors.

— Jason Ford

I never thought I'd be able to understand the math, but the way it's explained makes it so easy

— Ally Kirkpatrick